There may be a slight break in regular weekly posts after this one. Why? HOLIDAYS! Well, the title of the post must have given that away. Next week I’m off to visit one of my fave places in the world – Shinjuku, Japan. Yay!

This time I’m going with Mark. He’s not been before, so this is a bit of a treat for him. I can tell he’s mighty excited – as am I.

I’ve organised the two of us a rail pass for the time we’re away – so the whole country is really at our fingertips. But we’re going to spend most of our time in Tokyo and Osaka. We’ll be catching up with Stephen in Osaka while he’s there also. Will be good to have another person to share our experiences with. Can’t wait. The people, the countryside and the food. OMG the food! It’s one of the best places in the world to try new foods and immerse yourself in a completely different culture.

Not much to report…

for the moment. A lot going on in my life that is causing a little bit of turmoil. Am dealing with it though. more on that when I have something more firm to report. I threw a cat among the pigeons to shake up a couple of areas in my personal life and the feathers are flying. It’s been getting me down, but I need to go through this in order to bring about a change. I’m hoping there is a big change coming soon.

Too cryptic?

Sunday morning

Well, I don’t really know what to say. I went fishing this morning.


For my birthday this year I received a fishing rod, “The Bream Reaper”. When I woke I  thought to myself I should go out and use it. The sun still hadn’t risen, I knew my fishing skills were probably a little rusty so it was probably a perfect opportunity to get out to find a quiet spot on the Harbour and cast out before too many people turned up. I went to a spot, known for “good” fishing because of it’s location, rock shelves and accessibility – and what do you know… There’s a whole heap of other fishermen there already. Great! Just f@#king great! They have their multiple rods lined up, their eskies, their deck chairs and they all seem to be equally spaced around the edge.

Duh, of course there would be fisherman there! There are always fisherman there! Doesn’t matter what time of day. Idiot! Frozen in place for a few moments I assessed the situation – I feel like a total newbie then start to slowly back away…

No. Deep breath. I need to reassess this. I take to a higher vantage point on the ledge above them to see how this works. I’m analytical like that. I’m also a little careless. Because, I choose to watch from right above a fisherman that I somehow didn’t notice. He noticed me however with my rod in hand. So after a few minutes, a voice from below me told me that nothing was biting.  “Yeah, I can see!” I said. They are a friendly mob. I had noticed a gap in the lineup next to him that I could probably fit in without moving in on anyone’s territory, so I thought this was my chance to get in amongst it. If no one was catching anything how bad could I possibly feel if I didn’t!?

I set up, cast off, had a bite with in minutes of the bait hitting the water and thought this was going to be an ok morning. I had set up close to one of the main entry points. Lads were coming and going, mostly coming to find their own patch as the morning gradually wore on. They all nodded a greeting of acknowledgement and I was enjoying fishing. It was easy. My basic setup was doing me well – fish kept taking the bait. I was running out of bait. The sun was now blazing! I was getting sun burnt. Time to go. Mark called to see how things were going… Wait what!?! I’ve a fish on my line!!

photo6As I reeled in my line I could actually see I really had a fish this time!  Stupid little spiky animal! He was not shiny and silver as I had expected. What was this speckled orange critter? Some sort of rock cod I guess. Not the easiest thing to handle, especially since he was the size of a small mouse. But he needed to go back. I’m happy to report we both made it out alive.

The other thing I’ve noted about fishing today is that walking home around my ‘burb with a fishing rod in hand seems to make other random lads just talk to you. It’s just the open invitation to them to open up and share a fishing tale.

But, they’re my babies, right?

Last night, well, over night, I made some probiotic yoghurt at home. About 1kg of it. Enough to get me through my breakfast week of muesli.

It’s a nice temperature at the moment for making yoghurt at home. I can leave my incubator out on the shelf in the kitchen overnight and it will keep its temperature – nice and warm until I get out of bed in the morning. So, along with the excitement I feel in the morning of checking to see if I have fresh set yoghurt, comes the feeling of being a proud new pet owner… Billions of tiny probiotic pets. I wonder if they look like microscopic seamonkeys? I feel like I want to name my yoghurt. Or maybe I should name each of the 13 billion of them? I feel a certain unnatural attachment to this thing I’ve given life to, sitting in its lukewarm bath of water.

One thing I do know for sure, name or no name, they taste deliciously tangy.

Rise and shine

I’m getting back into photography. Not from a “I’m going to make a living out of it” point of view. But it relaxes me. This morning I really enjoyed being up before the sun with my camera and wandering the shoreline.

There’s also something good about feeling like I’m taking advantage of a full day. And of course there is something peaceful about the world before the sun rises. Sure there are other bodies out and about, but it’s just quiet. A little less judgmental.

The lovers, the dreamers and me…